Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Double Dead Issue 3

Double Dead Issue 3

Story and Art by: Leonie O'Moore
Price: $1.99

Robyn competes for the crystal and makes a deal with the King. Final part of the Double Dead series.

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Catch up with previous issues here:

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


2015 was a busy year for me. Here's some of the stuff that happened :


In September I released my graphic novel 'LORD'. A horror/drama set in Ireland in the 1970's, it's my first solo graphic novel since 'Some Forgotten Part' in 2006. When I say solo, I mean written and drawn by me as opposed to being a collaborative piece. It was lettered by the awesome Colin Bell. LORD was completed in the previous year and was due for release by Borderline Press in early 2015. However, due to some delays and issues over at Borderline Press (which are documented on their blog) it was instead given a late release in digital format through Misrule Comics on ComiXology.  I was really happy to get this book out in to the world this year.

LORD -  Reviews: Arcus Loves 
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LORD - Buy it here
LORD - Merchandise collection

Double Dead

In November I released the first issue of a three part comic series called 'Double Dead'. It's a story about a stunt woman who dies and then goes on a quest to...well, to not be dead! The first two issues are up on ComiXology with the next one due soon. It will be available in print in 2016 from publisher Lightning Strike Comic Books.

Double Dead - buy it here

Society 6 

I created some new collections throughout the year, available on pillows, clothing etc. Society6 has also made a lot of new products available this year so I was able to add full print t-shirts and throw blankets to my store -

At the start of the year I worked briefly as a transitional Art Director for a new game as it got prepped for crowd funding.  Mainly I got to source artists and work with them to develop concept art and pieces that could be used for the early stages of the game build as well as for crowd funding promotional material. You can find out more about the game here:

BA Degree
I think my biggest project and my biggest achievement this year was working on the BA Degree for Teesside University - I documented the process here. The course has started now and I'm excited to see how it progresses and evolves over the coming years.

Other things

I joined Instagram this year. I know, I'm very late to that party. I used to be an early adopter of new platforms, but when Instagram came out I was already quite invested in Flickr and didn't have a need for it. A conversation with Travis Newaza ( convinced me that Instagram was worth another look. Although it hasn't given any significant boost to my audience, it has given me a great platform for viewing other peoples work, something which I'm finding very inspiring and a lot of fun. It suits me a lot better in that respect than Tumblr.

As well as some pitch work and the odd page here and there for anthologies, I also did some illustrations this year. My favorite and probably most random one being a cover for a fake record for 'Prove it all night with Pat Byrne'.

Conventions in 2015 included Wondercon, SDCC and Monsterpalooza. I'm looking forward to ECCC in 2016, it'll be my first trip there.

In 2015 I met a lot of muppets, a lot of famous people and most importantly I got to visit JAWS twice at Universal. I also got to meet some wolves, pet some sharks, see some giant trees and a bear cub. I'm hoping for even more wildlife adventures in 2016.

At the very end of the year I started work on a couple of collaborative comic book projects which I'm very excited about, so I think 2016 will be a good year for working with other creators and making some cool stuff happen.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Double Dead Issue 2 

Story and Art by: Leonie O'Moore

Price: $1.99

Robyn must journey through the Center of the Earth to find a crystal that will reverse time.

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Print editions of Double Dead will be available from Lightning Strike comics next year.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Double Dead Issue 1 - Out now

Double Dead #1

Story and Art by:
 Leonie O'Moore

Stunt woman Robyn's life is going great and it seems to be getting even better when she books a last minute job on a huge new movie. 
However, when things go wrong on set, Robyn finds herself on an odd quest that will take her through the very Center of The Earth. Issue 1 of a 3 issue series.

Issue 1 out now digitally on ComiXolgy with print issue to follow from Lightning Strike Comics

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Win a FREE copy of LORD

You can win a free copy of my new Graphic Novel 'LORD' - visit my Facebook page for details:

'Everyday is Halloween' Collection is available on Society 6 - just in time for *actual* Halloween. Shop the collection here:

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